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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 16, 2003
GPVWC Administration has gained three new members of staff over the last few days to help boost it's current panel of bods.

Oliver Woods will become GPVWC's Official Livery Designer, whilst Andy Graydon & Tim Williams will become part of the GPVWC Press team. All three guys were at a Press Conference held earlier today @ GPVWC HQ and in turn described a little bit about themselves and what their new GPVWC roles were all about.

Oliver Woods - GPVWC Official Livery Designer

"I'm Oliver Woods, the new GPVWC livery & General GFX designer. If you ever need stuff for your team, and you can't do it yourself, I'm your man (well.. boy). If you have cars and things that want improving, I'll do that too. Think of me as Helmet Design for GPVWC but for more things and probably less talent... ;)"

"Just so you know about me, I'm 13 years old and I hail from Croydon (one of the rougher parts of London). I own a (not great) team in the GPTC and I'm going to have an F3000 team here. Email me at for all GPVWC related stuff!"

Tim Williams - GPVWC Press: Special Features Reporter #1

"I joined the GPVWC in May of 2002 as the test driver of EIRE, a position which I still hold for this season even after my super slow showings!"

"With the expulsion of Rob Hagarty, myself and Andy Graydon both applied for the position of Special Features Writer. We were both given the position and we are very pleased to be able to bring you special reports on the "goings on" in the GPVWC. Andy and myself are already drawing up an action plan as to some of the Special Features and the first will be along very shortly. If anyone has any ideas or a good story for a special report please e-mail myself on or Andy on"

Andy Graydon - GPVWC Press: Special Features Reporter #2

I hav had previous experience of race weekend report writing within the IGP3C in 2002, and write most of the press reports for the Phoenix F1 team. However the new role will not necessarily involve race reporting, but will be much more focused on the happenings behind the scenes. The initial report will be expected soon and will hopefully involve an in depth interview with 2002 World Drivers Champion Mikko Jakkonen. You can reach me at"

GPVWC Press wishes all three new employees the best of luck in their new roles!

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