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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
December 01, 2000
Published on tags: Superleague
Yet another top ten grid position with both cars on the 3rd and 4th rows for the start of this years Canadian GP.

The star of the day was Larry Karam, who, still with a stiff leg and loaded with the flu put in a succession of fast laps to take 6th spot while Peter Visscher backed him up with 8th place. Both drivers totally committed themselves to the session to bring in this fantastic result for Team RaceBase. Dave Harland added "This is just fantastic, its our best grid positions so far this season, the fact that its Larry's home GP makes it even more special, well done to both of them, and there is a case of beer waiting for them after the race, and of course I will be joining them in a well earned drink or ten!".

Peter Visscher had this to say:

"After the debacle at silverstone with the computer crash we decided to make a backup incase it should crash again and we would yet again lose our settings. But nothing off this happened so we could begin our qualifying session with our minds at ease.

Larry Karam my teammate choose for a slightly higher top speed setting on the long straight so we could compare which setting was best to use. I decided to put some more rear wing on to improve the balance of the car which has not yet been solved.

I Started the qualifying in top condition as Dotty Doris the team physio had completly cured me off all pains from the last race (it's the knees you know, they bump against the inside of the cockpit and that hurts). After a last quick smoke (yes i know i would have stopped after Silverstone, but to keep me happy for the rest off the season Dotty Doris recommended to build up to it slowly, I'm now down to 4 smokes a day).

We started Qualifying, after warming up the car and the tyres we went for it, and got a 1:17:981 two minutes before the qualification deadline which brought me 8th on the grid. The team were very pleased, 8th and 6th position for the drivers, the best Qualifying result so far this year. With a little more wing on both sides I think we will be using the qual setup for the race also, it gives a good feedback so I think we will be constant with it, according to Dave our teammanger (who secretly went off with a lovely Lady who will remain anonymous at this moment, but, I do know that she wasnt an Aussie)".

Larry had this to say:

"Im really pleased that my best qualification of the season was achieved at my home Grand Prix. The session started on a bad foot.(No pun intended) I couldn't find the setup needed to position my self in a good position but I finally found a good, and very fast setup. But due to its high speed I was losing a lot of time in the 2 first sections of the track and gaining a lot of time in the last one. My injury was fine due to Dotty Doris and a session in her tort I mean pysio room I will have another session before the race I am looking forward to the start. It would be great to have a win in Canada but lets stay on earth for the time being!".

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