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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 05, 2000
Published on tags: General
I'd like to make some comments on the problems that we've been having with "Andrew Stovold".

Firstly I'd just like to say that quite frankly I think the guy is 55 cards short of a full deck (yes, INCLUDING JOKERS AND BRIDGE SCORES), he's about 100 pence short of a pound, he's a storms worth of waves short of a shipwreck, he's knitting with no needles at all, do i need to go on???

I first talked to stovold a few days ago when our highly respected manager, Dan Lawrence, gave me Stovold's ICQ number informing me that he was in charge of the F1 forum, which has now been deleted. Stovold eventually got to his point and asked me to join a crazy non-existent league that he seemed to have dreamt up in two minutes. I asked him what was involved and all he kept doing is asking me if i would join or not.

Here is my ICQ history with stovold to give concrete evidence. I'm sure you'll see for yourselves that he is about as strange and obnoxious a person as one would ever want to meet.

28/11/00 Dicko: evenin gavnor

Stovold: ????Who are you??

Dicko: if you read the user details you'd find out...

Stovold: Richard Dickson???

Dicko: you aint been on the gpvwc website then...

Stovold: Nah,I'm just moderator of F1 forum,and applicated for 2001.

Dicko: well if you'd looked on the site i'm one of the drivers

Stovold: yeah,i remember.Who do you drive for again?

(at this point i'd like to say how can he remember if he's never been on the site?)

Dicko: a-racing renault

Stovold: oh yeah.

29/11/00 Stovold: Hi its Stubbz!

Dicko: i noticed

Stovold: you really like GPVWC?????

Dicko: yeah, when i get chance to bother with it!

Stovold: ....would you be intrested in joining another GLOBAL championship???

Stovold: ?????

Stovold: would you??

Dicko: Dunno

Stovold: is that a yes or no?

Dicko: depends what was involved

Stovold: You should feel privileged.You're the first GPVWC driver we've asked to join!!!!

Stovold: meaning???

Dicko: what's involved hows it work?

Stovold: will you join????????We'll get teams to e-mail you with contracts soon????

(he still hasn't told me how it works for god's sake...)

Dicko: i'm not joining anything that i don't know how it works

Stovold: It's the same as GPVWC.But this time,its 100% GLOBAL. There are 50 drivers!!!How challenging is that???!!!

(no ideas of his own?)

Stovold: thats 25 teams,by the way!!!

Dicko: depends whether i can be arsed

Dicko: yes i do do a-level maths....

Stovold: so........will you.............we want you........

Dicko: no cause i've got better things to do now

Stovold: !!!!!!!sorry didn't mean to doubt your intelligence!If you're 16 how come you're not doing GCSE maths???

Dicko: 17...

Stovold: in your user details,it says 16.

(ok at this point it starts getting nasty)

Stovold: JOIN US U BxxxxRD!!!!!!!!!!

Stovold: JOKEZ!!

Dicko: in my user details it says 17 der brain

Stovold: If you don't want to join a well-respected league,which is higher in respect and challengement, we'll look for better drivers than you.people like Kimmich.IT SAYS FxxxxING 16!

(tell me people... does it say 16 or 17??? be warned i start to get annoyed and angry!)

Dicko: like kimmich, yeah whatever and it says 17 you want a screenshot? and DON'T FxxxING WELL SWEAR AT ME YOU IMMATURE LITTLE CxxT

Stovold: Your nickname says it all,Dick, U only rise to the occasion.

Dicko: dicko you're obviously dyslexic too

Stovold: so what if I am?Does that make me a twat?Or a gay? no,it just makes me a bit dumber than you.

(who said anything about him being gay????)

Dicko: exactly, and for the last time i don't want to join your league thank you very much i've got enough doing as it is

Stovold: I take it you bully disabled people.So you don't like anyone who can't walk?Who's dyslexic? Who is mentally challenged?

Stovold: Hah!!!I've had you on!The whole thing is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick!real sick!

Dicko: you really are and immature twat aren't you...

Stovold: shut you're mum.

Dicko: you're just an annoying twat Stovold: is she still sore???

Dicko: you are the weakest link

Dicko: goodbye

Stovold: you are the weekest twat!

Stovold: goodbye

Stovold: asshole

Stovold: bitch

ok, by this time i think we can all agree that the guy really is crazy! 2nd december involved me saying hello muppet boy several times and him telling me to fxxk off several times... he has also been going round as various aliases as i'm sure our exalted leader Dan Lawrence will inform you! Quite frankly he's mad (not dan!!...)

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