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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 17, 2004
It was a surprise to everyone at the paddock, when we saw Miguel Oliveira, owner and manager of MMRT Mercedes, get behind the wheel!!

It should have been "Stan" Bares in the car, but due to physical problems he couldnīt get in the car, and because of that, Miguel stepped into the car to do the testing session!!!

Miguel, after the first 2 days of testing, said:

"We really needed the test, so we can improve reliability of the engine and increase the BHP, and since Stan was unable to do the test and Paul Fawcett was still in England, I had no choice but get in the car and do some laps myself!! I havenīt been driving for a long time, and couldnīt get a good setup for the car, but at this moment we arenīt looking for speed, we just want to know the car and improve so many other aspects!!!! Speed will come at a later time."

On day 3 Paul Fawcett had software glitches which curtailed his speed, but testing will continue on Day 4 with Paul Fawcett again behind the wheel.

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