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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 19, 2004
FinOz Racing Manager & driver Kari Koski was happy man after first pre-season test at Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, was over. And he had plenty to say:-

"Team did superb job with all these 4 days, not a single technical glitch and the performance was there from the beginning. We are low on BHP but high on results, so i think the whole team can be very satisfied with the results so far."

"With the new development changes makes our lives more difficult, new development values ment we will loose about 10BHP from what we had planned. It was shame that all this changed after we had negotiated our engine deal."

"Now as new team we need to spent huge amount of money to get close to the top engine BHP figures that they have currently, we can only get close to those, after 7 test sessions, before the season starts. Also as new team we need to pay our Travel costs. So looking our budget we surely hope there will no other suprises before we can get some prize money."

"Teams with top end engines can spare their money and they don't need to do all testing session as they don't need to, they get easily 840+ bhp and good reliability. We need to do all 28 possible test days and just hope we don't hit into technical troubles and lose vital test days and BHP or reliability because of that. We can get close to approximately 830 BHP with good reliability, that is what BMW and Honda already have."

"This is motor racing and we need to face the facts and live with them. I think our driver can make up some of that missing BHP. Our technicians calculated that 40 BHP at Catalunya was over 0.6-0.7 seconds on the laptime so 8th and 9th of 31 drivers wasn't bad at all."

"Now we have a bit more BHP and we will see how much does that help us at Silverstone. Hopefully we have also a test driver to ease off the workload, that will be more money to spent but what can we do, we need all the possible help we can get."

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