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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 21, 2004
EIRE test driver Peter Grooff is aiming to improve his time substantially at the upcoming tests in the UK.

"I have to find those final 1,5 seconds!

At Barcelona, as a keyboard driver, I should have been approx 1 to 1,5 seconds faster. A 1:16.5 instead of a 1:17.8 and I know I can, and believe me: I WILL! I improved a lot during the first test of the season, of course there is a part familiairization with the new E04, but that should not hold me back from driving as fast as I can."

"This week I will be testing on Friday and Saturday and I hope I can be closer to the top times. I will definitely give my 100% to improve the car and to drive as good as possible." said Peter Grooff, test driver of EIRE Jaguar, yesterday.

The Dutch rookie will get to England Thursday afternoon to test for EIRE on Friday and Saturday, because the Swiss Andreas Wagner already moved to Stealth he has to do the final 2 days. Grooff is trying to improve as much as he can in his first F1VWC season. We will see how much he improves during this test on Sunday, when the Friday and Saturday-times are online.

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