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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
January 27, 2004
Long time owner of Stealth GP, Ted Cragg, has released the following Press statements regarding his F1VWC team and SimRacing magazine:-

Stealth Grand Prix issued a statement today clarifying the rumours of Ted Cragg's retirement. The team has confirmed that this is in fact the case, and that the future of Stealth is now up for discussion.

"Stealth Grand Prix was founded in the fall of 2000 by Ted Cragg, and he has steered its success and direction in the nearly three and a half years since then. Unfortunately, he can no longer commit to the significant amount of time and reponsibilities required for running the team in the excellent F1VWC. Therefore, he will be departing the sim racing scene in the very near future" said a team spokesperson.

Included in the press release was a statement from Cragg. "It is unfortunately no longer sustainable for me to continue with the team, I am very sad to admit. It is however not fair to the team and the league in general to have a participant lagging behind in preparations and commitment, and I have determined that will soon be the case. Although we are managing to scrape by now getting testing done, there simply is not enough time in my life to organise the many other projects necessary between now and March 7, such as the livery, website and official launch. To be as fair as possible to everyone, I take my leave now and hopefully allow as much time as possible for someone to get those projects completed instead of putting them off and not being able to complete them myself" said Cragg.

He continued "This has been a decision very long in the making, not a sudden one despite the appearance. I did not want to engage in a long drawn out discussion of whether I should stay or go, but have instead been thinking about it very hard over the past few weeks. It really goes back to October, when I took a long break from racing and found once the holidays came that I just couldn't bring myself to the motivation and dedication I once had. Despite my best efforts, I am unfortunately far too committed to academics and other activities and will be gradually phasing all of them out over the next few months. I need a change in my life, and sadly racing has to go first. I do plan to stay in touch however, to keep tabs on the league and follow the results. I don't want to completely disappear as others have in the past, but I can no longer handle such an intense role in sim racing" Cragg concluded.

Today's announcment obviously leads to questions over the future of Stealth. Cragg said he would love to see the name and image continue, as the team is "well established, with an amazing potential and image, if someone just has the time to put into it." Cragg will be looking to sell the assets, including name and image, to someone who could then continue with them. "Essentially we hope it can be the same team, just with a different person on top" he said. Stealth has acknowledged though that this is a very challenging task, and that when someone is found to replace Cragg they may replace the team altogether. If he cannot see the name continue, Cragg will hold on to it and all the rights to use it.

Stealth will continue in the meantime until Cragg or the league administration determines a replacement. Cragg will continue to run the team over the interim, but stressed that he expects to make a full exit within the next 7 to 10 days. "It will move fast, but we do believe there may be many interested parties" he said. "I do encourage anyone interested in taking over Stealth Grand Prix to contact me as soon as possible at"

Stealth Grand Prix

F1VWC News would like to add that the news of Cragg's retirement and none involvement in the running of the F1VWC will be a great loss the the league. We wish him the best of luck in whatever he does in the future, and expect to see him on the Forum every now and again!

Editor-in-Chief Ted Cragg today made the announcement that he is retiring from the world of sim racing, which primarily involves both his team and SimRacing Magazine. Although this is potentially a death knell for the Magazine, the feeling is that it is established and familiar enough to continue with a new Editor, particularly due to the popularity it is capable of reaching.

The Magazine will distance itself from Cragg immediately so that it is not entwined with the future of Stealth Grand Prix, although updates may remain stagnant until a replacement is found. With some staff already in place and interested parties approaching it, SimRacing is optimistic that its short existence will not be over already.

"SimRacing has proven that we can have an impact on the day to day happenings of the F1VWC, and indeed we have taken on some interesting projects, such as the Sponsorship Spreadsheet and the recent Test Scheduler. Our potential is very easy to see, and as long as someone has the time and ability to direct our operations, we know we can easily continue operations" said a magazine spokesperson.

Interested individuals can e-mail to arrange an interview. It is hopeful that a new person (or people) can be found, but it is nevertheless apparent that unless this happens SimRacing will not be around much longer.

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