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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
February 05, 2004
In what amounts to a sad day for the F1VWC with Stealth GP leaving the league (and the SimRacing scene), team boss Ted Cragg issued the following Press release. The F1VWC also pay homage to a great stalwart of the GPVWC & F1VWC.

"I am pleased that the league Administration have confirmed Dave Cummings as the F1VWC's newest team manager, and that Puma F1 will be taking the place of Stealth Grand Prix.

Dave and I have worked together seamlessly over the past week to see this transition take place, including maintaining our testing schedule. Now it is in his hands, and I wish him all the best. I will be maintaining ownership of the Stealth GP name, an identity that I am extremely proud to have established in the sim racing community.

Although we discussed me staying on in an advisory role for Puma F1, I feel that Dave is certainly capable of making strategic plans and decisions, particularly with the support of Chris, Marek and Andreas behind him. While I don't agree with the decision to replace the promising Volkswagen powerplant, I'm sure Puma F1 can make quick progress with Porsche, a former Stealth partner.

I will follow the league's results this year, but I don't anticipate staying involved. My interests and priorities have changed, and I feel I have satisfied my desire to compete in sim racing.

I wish everyone in the league community all the best, thank you for the good times and the great memories. In particular I'd like to thank Andy Graydon and Willy Ponissi for their amazing work at making the VWC what it is today".

Best wishes,

Ted Cragg

F1VWC Comment -

Ted and his historic team name will be missed by the F1VWC. It was Ted who suggested the F1VWC league to teams and drivers in the SFO 2003 series - once it was known that that league was likely to fold. Hence here we are with a full line up of teams and a new season only 4 weeks away!!

He was also there at the inaugural F1VWC meet up in August 2003 - see News Archive for details and pictures - and it was a pleasure meeting up with him. He had many ideas on how to take the league forward, and I personally am sad to see him lose his enthusiasm so soon. I hope that doesn't happen to me!! But who knows, a year away he may feel different and return.

So some images of Stealth GP's history in the GPVWC and the F1VWC can be seen opposite, just to remind us of a great team that will be sadly missed.

Thanks Ted, its' been a pleasure.

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