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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
March 17, 2004
Woods Racing boss Oliver Woods issued a statement after a rather average race for his team, with Chris Goodley 15th and Willy Ponissi 21st.

"Obviously this was our first race, and we can't expect huge things because of that. However, there is no way that 21st and 15th are the best positions we can get. For a while we were unsure about Chris's position due to a timing computer problem, and were told 8th and then 15th. For his first full race ever Chris has done very well, but he has got a lot more pace and could be netting us points, or prize money at the very least.

Willy has struggled with the track this fortnight. He's actually rather unhappy with the result himself, but I know he can do better and we will not give up. We knew when we came here that we wouldn't be doing very much this season so even if he can hit the top 14 in Sepang he's doing brilliantly; far better than I could do.

The tyres weren't as good as we expected either. We will hopefully bounce back in Sepang and get something other than sponsor money and experience out of the race; but time will tell."

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