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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
April 02, 2004
Scott Whiteman, EIRE's number one championship competitor, won both Australian and Malaysian grand prix. The question will be if he can keep up this good preformance thoughout the season:

Victory in Australia and again in Malaysia. What can you tell me about this success already early in the season?

Well in Australia i was sure that if i could put everything together then the win would be forthcoming, however controller problems struck before qual and it was a little hurdle to overcome before i could achieve what i set out to do. Malaysia was a different story, i took a risk with the setup making it extremely quick in the dry conditions, in practice i went much faster than in the actual race as the one thing i haven't quite come to terms with in sim-racing is driving fast in the wet, which in turn throws out my concentration when the track dries. I'm just really glad that i was able to reel in Mikko in the closing stages and put the car to good use. Obviously the team has turned out a good car and with some further tests in the near future hopefully we can make it even better.

Who do you think can get dangerous for you in the coming races?

Personally i think that any number of drivers can be a threat to me, once Steve gets some more BHP under his foot i'm sure he'll be pushing me all the way, but already guys like Mikko, Mapes and Sleighty are proving to be extremely tough competitors. A1-Ring will certainly be interesting.

Ross Loram, good driver. How far, or maybe how close will he be behind you in the next race at the A1-Ring in Austria?

Well its hard to say as we are unsure what the track will throw up at us in the event, hopefully i can work with Ross during the event and narrow the gap between us, i'm confident he will be able to take away points from this event but how many i'm uncertain.

Do you have anything to add yourself?

I'd like to thank the team and the sponsors, they do a great job delivering a quality car at every track and hopefully this will continue further into the season.

Whiteman is now on his way to Austria to get ready for the 2004 F1VWC Austrian GP. Soon more news from EIRE.

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