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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
April 14, 2004
Dave Cummings took to the Monza track in the first official test session since February 2004. He talks about the new car and the season so far.

"We had a PMA-01A here today which I tested first, due to a slight technical fault on the oil system on the new engine, but then I used the PMA-01B which instantly was 0.5s faster a lap so we are much happier. We ran both cars on a default setup, so we are happy.

Andreas and Marek should be testing at Imola in a private test, in which Andreas has said he is very happy with the new car and that he can push harder, but still wants more BHP, and on that point would Mr Graydon (or whoever is responsible) please collect the horses from the Puma F1 Campsite, when I said I wanted more horse-power that?s not quite what I meant, they drank all the beer!

Our performance is due to the test team and more over the race drivers who do an excellent job, which I now realise, having undertaken a race myself. We have yet not had any accidents nor reliability problems, unlike the Finoz team who seem a bit angry at recent comments, but they need to look at who has been reliable!

We are going better than expected seeing as we didn?t expect to be in this years championship, and we have informed the drivers that this year is a development year, and therefore not to expect much. We are, however, testing as much as possible and pouring funds into the team.

We are very pleased with our performance - coming into the last GP we were above longer established teams, which again is down to the dedication of the team, and its members.

We would also like to take this chance to ask the governing body if the Team name can undergo a slight adjustment. ? Puma Stealth Racing is the ?master? owner of Puma F1 and we would like the Stealth name to be back in the F1VWC".

F1VWC News View: The main advantage with the PMA01B is the radical new oil delivery system, which uses 10-30% less oil (and therefore weight) but the Puma team threw blankets over the cars rear end when it came into the pits - have they got something ?new? on the rear end?

Chief Admin Note - no change of Team Name will be allowed, especially part way through a season. Stealth GP is (or was) an institution in its own right, and Puma F1 is a brand new team which (I believe) has no formal link with the previous Team or its Management.

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