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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
April 15, 2004
Sleight's performance being strained by personal life?

Thats the rumour in the paddock. Apparently, during the Australian GP, Paul Sleight went out on the town for the night after his pole performance in qualifying. McConkey and Sleight reportedly went out to a club that night.

"We were having a blast that night with drinks and lots of women. All I remember is Sleighty leaving soon after with 3 women.", McConkey said.

Sleight's current longterm girlfriend apprently found out about Paul's night out and his encounters with 3 very beautiful women. She (name undisclosed) found out when one of the women phoned Sleight's home and demanded that he talk to her about "some very serious s**t".

He had this to say in reaction to the rumours:- "My racing is more important and I don't wish to talk about personal matters."

If this rumour is true Sleight's current performance thereafter the Australian Grand Prix must be effected by this.

To add more spice to this rumour, its reported that McConkey has been seen with Sleight's longterm girlfriend? Interesting things happening at the MMC camp, thats for sure!

F1VWC News Comment - And if McConkey is seeing Sleight's girlfriend, we wonder if this also accounts for his current poor "performance" (on track of course)!

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