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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
June 14, 2004
With a display in the European GP which did nothing to back up the teams claims that they could challenge for the Constructors Championship, the Canadian GP has Phoenix F1 with a very strong driver pairing of Joe Consiglio and Daniel Wilkinson. But with the USA GP only 1 week away, there has been speculation as to who would partner Wilkinson at Indy!

Andy Graydon, team boss of Phoenix F1, was pleased to announce that Kieran Ryan - who drove so well for Simsoa recently - will be driving for the team in the USA (and also Hungary - partnering Antonio Irisarri).

The 2 race deal was signed before Ryan made his return to the F1VWC 2004, and it is believed that talks had been ongoing for a full race seat as early as November 2003 (and even back into 2002 for the 2003 season) - but the 2004 season deal fell through very late in the day. However, a 2 race deal gives both driver and team the opportunity to work together and perhaps forge something for the future.

"Kieran made a stunning return to the series for Simsoa recently, so it looks like we will have a very strong driver pairing - particularly for the USA GP" commented Andy.

Kieran Ryan was clearly happy at finally getting the chance to drive the Phoenix F1:-

'' I'm delighted to finally join Phoenix even if it's only for 2 races. This has been something Andy has being trying to do for a while now and now that I'm back for USA, I've made the deal to drive for him for 2 races, United States and later in the season for the Hungarian grand prix. I will be driving the other gp's but for different teams so I guess I have a bit of a musical chair season ahead.

It's a good team here, very committed and the car is super fast. My team mate like last year will be Daniel Willkinson, so I know how hard the challenge will be, but I look forward to putting some more serious points on the scoreboard for me and for the team.''

The Canadian and USA GP's could be the Phoenix F1 teams best chances in 2004 of gaining that elusive first victory. However, in an increasingly competitive field, it will be no easy task to achieve.

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