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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
June 24, 2004
Oliver Woods today talked about Chris Goodley and the Woods team in general. He had a few things to say after a hectic week and certainly looked worse for wear!

"On the weekend I was told Chris was quitting racing as it was too boring for him. However, he has now confirmed he will be staying with us and racing as usual. We have another driver close to signing, probably as a test driver now.

Willy Ponissi is set to go on holiday and move to Holland soon, so we aren't sure when we'll next see him race.

Vince was unlucky with the engine, but we know we must start ploughing testing time into the engine when we get the chance. Hopefully he'll be OK for the USA, my favourite track."

F1VWC News comment - good news indeed that Goodley is staying with the team. The chance to compete in a full season should not be missed, and Goodley's speed round Monaco (where he finished 4th) should mean that st tracks like Hungary he still has the chance to excel.

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