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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
June 27, 2004
Here is the meeting of the press with the top three at the Canadian GP.

Winner - Scott Whiteman (EIRE - Jaguar)

Back to race winning form again, Scott Whiteman takes another victory in the 2004 F1VWC championship. How did it go?

Well I had 2 mistakes that cost me quite some time but the car felt good, and nothing beats the feeling of being on top of the podium again.

For two races in a row now, you have crucially finished one place ahead of Mikko, the race for the title is certainly not over yet is it?

The title race is definately not over, Mikko certainly has the upper hand at the moment but if i can keep plugging away the end of the season could be quite exciting.

With many races in such a short period of time, are you more focussed, or exhausted?!

Well i'm still learning the car so having so many events in such short time certainly doesn't help, the mechanisms in this car are different to anything i have driven over the past 2 years.

2nd - Mikko Jakonen (Mapes-VO - Honda)

Well done Mikko, another great podium, how did it go?

Thanks! The race went ok, the car was good, the strategy was good. I like the track, although driving into the last corner always gives me a couple of extra heart beats. But no big drama. I lost the race to Whiteman near the end of my 3rd stint, I knew he was on a two stopper and I needed to get good laptimes before my last stop, but instead he managed to close the gap there a few seconds. I had a couple of difficult backmarkers and tyres were almost finished. In the end I tried to catch him but I would've needed a couple of more laps to take him. But it was a close call, a good fight, and I have only myself to blame.

With your championship lead down to 18 points, are you feeling the pressure of Whiteman's attack?

Yeah I need to win him in a straight fight soon. If the gap was 22 points now things would be much easier. We'll probably settle the championship in Brazil, it's going to be murder.

A promising result from the other Mapes-VO car, can the team win the constructors battle?

It's looking good, I'm confident that we can hold on to the lead right up to the end.

3rd - Joe Consiglio (Phoenix F1 - Renault)

Great work Joe, a podium in your first race back! How did it go?

Cheers! It was a great race, really exciting. The race went as well as to plan as it could really. The car was nice and consistent throughout and I was able to push it to limit. The same as 2 years ago I had a good scrap with Mikko in the middle part of race, which was exciting for the fans and for me!

You will be sitting out the Indianapolis race, but after such a great result here, will you slightly aggrieved to have to give up the seat at Phoenix?

I'm not really too disappointed because my next race with Phoenix is going to be at the British GP which isn't too far away.

The top 3 were running very close towards the end of the race, did you think you could possibly win the race?

Yes we were very close. Towards the end I could see Scott and Mikko in front of me and believe me I was pushing like hell to catch them! Sadly it wasn't to be. Still I'm happy to be this competitive after not being in a F1 car for so long.

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