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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
June 27, 2004
There where mixed feelings in the MMRT camp after the Indy qualifying session. The nature of the track forces to compromises, in fact at Indy there are two tracks in one, the high speed oval with low down force and the the twisty infield part which requires a lot of grip. Miki managed to land the 10th fastest time to start form the best position on the grid this season. We didn't managed to catch up with Miki as he was too busy discussing the race strategy with his engineers in order to make the max from his starting position.

All in all a good performance from the no. 1 driver in the team. Second car on the other hand was less competitive as Cristian managed only 15th on the grid. Yet again the qualifying pattern of the season applied and Miki out qualified Cristian and by about 0.7 tenths of a second. Here are some words from Cristian.

"Hello everybody. I am a little disappointed with the final result of the qualifying session even if it was only 1 place down from my best result of the season, however we should not forget that three fast guys were demoted to the end of the grid. The car felt really good and even if I didn't have much time to practice I thought the time was pretty good. As for the half full part of the glass I did managed to shrink the distance to the pole man, with respect to Canada, by about 1.5 seconds so there is something to cheer about. I just hope for better things in the race."

Well there u have it, a small inside info from the MMRT garage.

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