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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
July 01, 2004
The FinOz Racing team today announced that AMD (World leading computer processor manufacturer) has entered into a commercial arrangement with the Finnish - Australian squad.

"We are very pleased to welcome AMD to the family of FinOz commercial partners,? Kari Koski stated today. ?It is particularly gratifying that, being well experienced in the use of sports sponsorship as a marketing and promotional vehicle for their brand, AMD have made a well-considered decision that involvement with FinOz Racing and the Virtual Formula One World Championship is the most effective way of assisting them to introduce their service to a global audience."

"There is no doubt that sports sponsorship as a marketing and promotional vehicle is a very effective way of generating brand recognition," said AMD Chief Executive Officer. "For AMD this was a very important issue. For the company's future international rollout, what is more effective than the Formula One world to get the maximum recognition from a global audience? We are very happy to be working with the FinOz Racing team."

FinOz Racing car with updated livery will be seen for the first time on friday at Imola F1VWC-in-season-testing session.

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