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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
July 08, 2004
To start with the biggest change of all is that Willy Ponissi and Tim Williams will be co-managing EiRE Jaguar in the F1VWC from now on. Ponissi will still be general director (president) of the team, but Tim Williams becomes the vice-president to share the workload. That way Tim Williams will be the one who decides when Ponissi is not available. Next to the F1VWC, EiRE will also launch a team in the GPC in the near future, to also be a serious competitor within the huge GPC championships. Asking Ponissi why he wanted a co-manager for the F1VWC EiRE team, Ponissi said: "Well, managing a top-team like EiRE is a time consuming job. Especially if you follow our philosophy of doing everything in the best way possible".

Ponissi chose Tim Williams as co-manager and vice-president because, as Ponissi says: "Tim has always been a very important part of the team. He has been here since the birth of the team in 2002 and has always helped out in testing the car and managing when I was out of the office for business. Moreover, Tim is the most committed guy I've ever seen and I am sure he will do a great job". Ponissi tells us Williams knows this is a great responsibility: "I know how reliable Tim is when it comes to managing the team. I'm sure this co-managing will be as successful as we hope. The bright side is that now I can concentrate on the other aspects required with such a big team".

Tim Williams first came in contact with EiRE when Ponissi was the first team boss to offer him a job as test driver back in 2002. Williams will still be available as test driver although being vice-president and co-manager: "I'll still test when I'm needed but we have a superb no.1 test driver in Peter Grooff who is fast enough to be a race driver, it's just a shame he hasn't got enough time to race. Obviously I will have a lot of other aspects of the team taking up more of my time, I still hope to get into the car for some testing though".

Williams says Ponissi is a good team boss and has done a superb job so far: "I don't plan to change anything, I will carry on the superb work Willy has done with the team and give him a bit of extra time to concentrate on other areas". Tim Williams is happy to be part of such a big team: "I am honored and very proud to be asked by Willy to take up these positions. Hopefully I can keep up the standard of the team set by him".

The EiRE website is very out of date, but the team is also already working on this issue to renew the site, including pictures of the 2004 EiRE, driver information etc.: "The EiRE website needs a revamp. We are already working on it, but these are very busy days at the moment as the Headquarters of the team moves to Holland this summer". The EiRE Headquarter is still located in Italy, but soon the team will move to Utrecht in Holland. Williams: "We have a lot of big plans for the EiRE team and Willy was finding it more and more difficult to find the time to concentrate on them so I am here to take some of the workload off of his back".

The organization of the GPC team already started with one very promising Dutch driver, Peter Meer contacted for the first seat. As soon as another driver is lined up and both drivers are contracted, the first EiRE GPC cars will be tested. As Ponissi says: "Obviously that requires a good team backing it, but we are working on that". The GPC team will be managed by Ponissi himself, but as soon as the co-managing works out in the F1VWC, there will also be a co-manager for the GPC team.

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