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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
July 28, 2004
Winner - Philip Williams (Woods Racing - Toyota)

1) A dominant performance from Phil Williams in the Woods Toyota, winning by a massive margin! How did it go?

The race started very well and I was able to almost match qualifying pace but Steve was still pressuring me. In the second and third stints the balance of the car had changed and it was hard work to control. Despite this and some heavy traffic I was able to extend my lead. The car was optimal in the last stint but my main aim was to conserve the engine to the chequered flag.

The team did a great job with the strategy and the race went much better than we could have expected. I am so happy to win my home GP and hopefully the whole team can gain momentum as we go into the last races of the season.

2) How impressed are you with the F1VWC?

I think the F1VWC is a great league. It has a competitive field of drivers and its structure is also quite unique, putting more emphasis on the team and the car compared to other leagues.

3) What are your plans for 2005, can we here in F1VWC expect to see more of you?

You might see more of me but at the moment I am unsure about racing in any league in 2005. Once again it boils down to the amount of free time I have so I will review the situation next year.

2nd - Steve Elencevski (FinOz - Ferrari (c))

1) WOW! An amazing finish Steve! It must have been hairy going through Luffield on that last lap?!

It sure was an amazing finish !

I thought the best place to have a go was in the last sector, where our car has been very strong, so i managed to pull it off & take P2.

After i crossed the line, i thought what a spectacular finish it would have been had Phillip not raced, but hats off to him, he was in a class of his own.

Other than that, my race went well in the first stint, but then i had major tyre wear at the end of every other stint, so i really couldnt push for fast lap times on a lower fuel load as the car was sliding around a fair bit.

2) Before the race, we commented on you making gains on the championship leaders, and you've failed to disappoint! It must give you a massive confidence boost?

Yes i'm slowly closing in on the top 2 guys & you never know what can happen in the upcoming races. It only takes a DNF for the championship battle to tighten up points wise & give us a battle right down to the wire. But we are slowly getting there with race pace & hope to continue with our good form til the end of the season. I haven't driven on any of the circuits on (GP4) that are coming up, apart from Magny-Cours, so it should be interesting to see how we go. I''m not all that confident with Hockenheim, so if we can come away with a few points there, it should be ok.

As for the remaining races after Germany, i feel that most of those circuits should suit our car/driver package a lot better.

3) Has this season so far exceeded your expectations, and what are your objectives for 2005?

It definitely has exceeded my expectations, i certainly didn't think i'd be in the top 3 !

As for 2005, i really haven't thought about that yet, i'm just concentrating on the remaining races for this season.

3rd - Scott Whiteman (EIRE - Jaguar)

1) So near and yet so far Scott, you must be disappointed?

Not at all, First place here was always earmarked for Philip, and given Steve's pace in qualifying i really didn't even expect to challenge for second, so to come so close was actually a nice surprise. I knew i didn't have the pace to run with the fastest guys around here so i set the car up early in the week to give me a more consistent run and it paid off nicely, although i must say that a great number of drivers seem to have improved their pace at this event so the following rounds should be interesting.

2) Mikko clearly had an off day, which has moved both yourself and Steve closer to him in the championship battle, can you single one driver out in particular who you see as your main rival for the title, or is still a three-way battle?

At the moment it is definately anybody's championship, cars can break down as i know all too well, and drivers can have off days, what i can say is that we have some great tracks still to drive this season and they should prove to be as exciting as this event, if not better.

3) Now over half way through the season, its time for the rumours to fly. What can we expect from Scott Whiteman in 2005?

Rumours, always nice to throw some speculation into the paddock, as of yet EIRE have not started to discuss any plans for next year, and its public knowledge that my contract was for one year with no extension options. I see SCUM have an interest in putting together an A team for next year and it would be mighty nice to be driving around in a Holden, although my current state of thinking is that i will follow in the footsteps of Mika Hakkinen.

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