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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
October 26, 2004
Rumoured to be the case for quite a while, Daniel Wilkinson was finally interviewed in connection with those retirement rumours at the pre-Brazil event press conference:-

Daniel, how are you liking it here in Brazil ? nice weather, nice ladies (in fact VERY nice). It?s something that you will no doubt miss in 2005. Are the rumours true that this is your last competitive drive and that you are retiring after this event?

"Retiring? In a matter of speaking, yes. Its actually a sabbatical".

OK, sabbatical! You will be sorely missed from the F1VWC, but will you be involved in some other capacity?

"I dont plan on going too far away from the league. I'm sure Ill be here in some capacity, which is yet to be decided."

What has prompted your decision to take a break?

"I have a medical condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I've been able to manage it for the past couple of years but this year its started to get the better of me. It affects my energy and also my concentration, so driving has been rather difficult this year."

And highly dangerous for you, I presume! What are your aims here in Brazil? Do you want to go out with a ?bang? both for yourself and the Phoenix F1 team?

"A bang! I hope not! We have to win the race for us to have any chance of taking 3rd away from EIRE in the Constructors. There's still a lot to play for and I'll be giving my all to achieve our goals!"

What has been your personal highlight of the year so far?

"This has got to be the most dissapointing year of my career! We had such high hopes that the fall from not achieving those really hit hard.

It is hard to find any high points but my 3rd in Spa has to be the highlight for me. Called in at the last second, not knowing what setup to use and after that, finishing on the podium was a great surprise! Taking 2nd place at Spain was good too. Did not expect that!"

So what will you be doing on alternate weekends in 2005?!?!

"Having a beer! It's not smart to drink and drive, and seeing as I won't be driving!!"

Thanks Daniel - good look in whatever you do! We hope to see you around the paddock next year.

"Yeh - cheers fellas".

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