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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
November 07, 2004
A very tense grand prix for the Puma F1 squad, who are enjoying the best qualification in the team?s short history.

The F1VWC reporter spoke to David before and after the race:

Dave well, your stood at the back of the grid, and your men are in 8th and tenth, why are you back here?

"I just want this moment to be the last one I am stood here, the cars are running really well, although a few things with Willy?s car as he drove it to the grid."

What are the problems?

"We don?t know we think it?s just a handling issue on cold tyres."

David spent the entire race on the pit wall, keeping his head down, number crunching trying his best to find a way to split the Simsoa?s but the peppermint allowed its driver to break out a ten second margin over Wagner?s Puma, which in the last laps seemed to be ailing car.

On the last lap as the Mechanics? from both Puma and Simsoa ran to the pit wall only to scream louder than the cars, as both teams went wild, celebrating the results, as both managers from Simsoa and Puma congratulated each other on a excellent race in what was a massive relief to both teams, moreover Puma, on completion of their first season, their equal biggest points haul, first time of both cars making it home for a while.

?What are the odds of that? Lawrence, Simsoa owner said as an emotional Cummings ran up give him a good hearty 'end of season hug'!

Cummings then went pale, and even more happy when Lawrence reminded him, "not only have you got 3 points but you have beaten MMRT in the championship."

The team were well aware already setting up the newly created ?annual Puma F1 BBQ? situated in the paddock - this reporter can see this one going on all night.

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