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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
December 16, 2004
Sponsor lists are now sorted out and bidding is ready to start on friday 17th of December .
1st round of bidding will have major and 3 minor sponsor bids and also team managers has to make bid for tyre and fuel suppliers aswell.

1st round of bidding:
Starts: Friday 17th of December
Ends: Sunday 19th of December 22GMT
To bid for: 1 Major sponsor, 3 Minor sponsors, Tyre manufacturer and Fuel supplier.

See 2005 Deals page for the list of sponsors etc. and also read carefully the rules how the bidding is done. Every team manager has £1 Million to be used on the Major, 3minor and fuel bids. To tyre bidding managers can put as much money they want.

There will be max 3 bidding rounds for the sponsors (this all is explained in the rules also)
Engine deals will be sorted after all other sponsors biddings have been done.

Engine lists are still under work for 2005 goals and preferred teams, but new 2005 reliabilty and BHP figures are up.

Any questions about bidding procedure (just please read the rules & instructions first and ask then) contact: Andy Graydon or Kari Koski

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