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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
December 20, 2004
Published on tags: Superleague
Here are the list of money teams has left to place their bids on 2nd round of sponsor bids.

There is also list of the teams which has to place writen and monetary offer for engines.

Sponsor bidding money left:

Bracciano Racing: 0


FinOz Racing: 496 000

JPR Grand Prix: 120 000

Mapes-VO: 625 000

MMC Racing: 395 000

Phoenix F1: 0

Puma F1: 250 000

RTT Green Vipers: 350 000

SCUM: 400 000

Simsoa: 110 000

2nd round sponsor bidding:

Bracciano Racing: rename one minor sponsor (Nokia)


FinOz Racing: Rebid for Major sponsor category, rename one minor sponsor (AMD)

JPR Grand Prix: Rebid for 1 minor sponsor

Mapes-VO: Rebid for 1 minor sponsor and for Major sponsor category

MMC Racing: Rebid for 1 minor sponsor

Phoenix F1: -

Puma F1: Rebid for fuel supplier

RTT Green Vipers: Rebid for 2 minor sponsors

SCUM: Rebid for 1 minor sponsor

Simsoa: -

Offer for engine deal needed (place writen and monetary offer, see rules):

Bracciano Racing

FinOz Racing

JPR Grand Prix

MMC Racing

RTT Green Vipers


Deadline: Wednesday 22nd of December 22GMT

Bids and engine offers by email to Kari AND Andy

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