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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
January 09, 2001
Published on tags: General
TBA Warsteiner are pleased to announce their contracts for the upcomming 2001 GPVWC.

Earlier today, TBA manager Chaz Charlton revealed the partnerships he believes will bring sucess to his team in 2001. "Unfortunately the Rolls-Royce deal which was so amicable last season has turned sour. After the tests we were invited to I wouldn't have trusted the power in the engine to break it's way out of a paper bag let alone push an F1 car around a track! We'll be using the AMT works engine - we briefly looked at Lamborghini but we have to admit this was purley for the personal transport that was to be provided for the TBA management - we settled on AMT as their bench tests proved this is going to be a very powerful unit for the money."

"Our chassis are going to be supplied by Sauber as again we figured it was the best price to performance ratio and hope the AMT/Sauber combination fulfills it's role to the potential it has shown in testing so far. We initailly tried to sign Elf as our fuel supplier but unfortunatley the bribery, er... 'negotiations' didn't come to fruition, but we feel we have secured a good deal with Agip and their female PR has the best pair of... fuel syphons... I've ever seen."

" Tyres were never going to be a problem and we are sticking with Bridgestone."

Altogether, TBA feel that this combination will see the team much higher up the grid & points for the upcoming season. All efforts now are centered on finding another reliable driver to partner Jonas Lindberg who should be staying with the team after a strong end to last season.

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