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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 26 February 2020
March 24, 2001
Dan Lawrence - Team Manager

I think it can be safely said that we had had a pretty consistent race at Malaysia.

Jason had problems with his car all through practice and qualifying and to make things worse, was suffering from appendictis aswell. So a 5th place under those circumstances is incredible. He deserves a medal!

He had a quiet race, and couldn't [understandably under his condition] keep pace with the cars in front, but did very well to keep the other cars behind him. He had problems with Scott during the middle of the race but was able to pull a succession of faster laps out of the bag and build up a convincing advantage over him.

Scott knuckled down and did the best he could, finishing a great 6th place and yet again scoring us valuable Championship points. He is a great asset to the team as he is always there or thereabouts when it really matters.

He harried Jason for a series of laps during the mid section of the race, and looked like he was going to overtake but Jason was having none of it! He is already confident for Brazil and we are having a private test [driver familiarisation] there over the next 2 days.

I am pleased for BMW, in that they have dominated the whole weekend, having taken Pole Position and Race Victory with CVRT, they are proving that they are a very strong engine even though a little down on overall horsepower. Also, as I said after qualifying, it shows us that the engine is strong enough to run at the very front and that all we need to do is improve the car to be there aswell.

There are rumours that testing will commence immediately after the Brazilian Grand Prix, which would be good because we could then set about improving the car in general and improving an already great engine. Our car is by no means bad however, as we have shown through the first two races of the season that we have the ingredients but need to improve in certain areas.

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