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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
November 26, 2007
Published on tags: General
With it seems most of the fans talking about one man this weekend we caught up with him for an interview after a four race ban

Q: Mr Keersmaeker there had been some rumours that this drive could come about yet it is still a surprise, why do we see you in the Vod:Bul and not the Simsoa VR this race weekend?

A: I always had and have a lot of respect for both teams. With Simsoa-VR, we can't do any better than the 2nd position in the team standings. Also, the 3rd team isn't really a big thread. Because of this I asked the team managers of Simsoa-VR if I could join Vod:Bul to help them getting any higher in the team standings.

Q: How do you think you can do here?

A: I'll need to exercise a little bit to get on pace. Since the GP of Turkey I didn't drive anymore. I guess this won't be a big problem though. Also the car's pace seems to be ok. I think there isn't a big difference to the Simsoa-VR car.

Q: Is this a sign of a future move?

A: I've been talking with different teams about my future. Nothing has been decided yet. I must say I like being within the Vod:Bul team. The team members always supported me in good and bad days.

Q: So you're a fan of the team, have you met your team mate for this event?

A: I've always followed the team very closely because i know the atmosphere is very well within the team! I don't know my team-mate too good. This will hopefully change these days! I'm looking forward working with him!

Q: How do you feel after your recent ban?

A: Very good. Of course I feel my title has been stolen, but I've had the time doing totally different things. Without this ban I would never have considered buying RFactor before the end of this GP4 season. This means I would have been too late joining a championship with ex-GP4 friends. Also, for the upcoming season it is important to get into this game soon enough.

Q: Some people are calling you ?the real 2007 champ? what do you think of this?

A: If you look at the results until the Turkey GP, you will notice I was leading the championship after having missed 3 races, and a Monaco DQ. In normal conditions I maybe would have been the champion with a few races to go. Of course, at the end, the final results is what counts. Congrats to Steve and the
FinOz-Eire team with their championship.

Q: This could be Elencevski's last race, do you think you can put a damper on the celebrations?

A: I think he won't be too sad if he doesn't win his final race. Of course I will try to
do my best beating him.

Q: There was talk of you never coming back, or even being allowed back, how much strength did it take to take the ban on the chin and come back?

A: I said I wouldn't come back, but some people asked me friendly to give this league one more chance. Just the fact people are asking me back makes it easy to make my comeback!

Q: And finally? Vod:Bul announced its recruitment Fun day last week, have you or do you plan to apply?

A: I would like to apply yes! It seems to be very interesting. I'm really confident about it!

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