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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 26, 2007
Published on tags: General
The Governing Body of the F1VWC has further reviewed LK & VK's future involvement in the F1VWC, in particular regarding their probation period after their 4 race ban.

Information has come to light which would indicate they should have been permanently banned in early October 2007 when they continued to abuse the F1VWC and it's governing members following their 4 race ban. Indeed a vote took place around this time and the resultant ban was NOT posted on the Forum or the Main page of the site. They competed in Brazil (and their results stand for this event) due to errors in not enforcing that ban.

The Governing Body has voted over the last few days that Laurent and Vincent Keersmaekers are from this moment banned permanently from the F1VWC.As this ban enforces the original decision to enforce the probation clause, no appeal is available for this decision.

It should be noted that the F1VWC from this point on will not tolerate the levels of abuse that have been thrown at them through 2007.

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