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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 28, 2010
Published on tags: General
After a quiet festive period at home with their families, the core staff of ST Racing were found gathered early on Holiday Tuesday at the Chandler's Ford factory, despite Team principal Mark Fuller telling them that they were not due back until the 4th January.

The reason for this being that just before leaving the factory on Christmas Eve, Fuller was heard to say to Dave Stanton "The chassis should be here on the 28th". Luke McKee stated that he couldn't wait until the 4th to see the new car, and so early on the 28th Fuller, Stanton, McKee and a few of the aero team were found in the factory canteen, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new STR02-11 chassis.

At 1010 hrs, a large all black transporter arrived and was quickly ushered into the factory. The two STR02-11 chassis were carefully removed and Fuller, Stanton and Mckee were seen to be beaming. Fuller stated "Wow, that's going to be some car".

All three drivers then sat in the chassis, and the aero boys made some quick adjustments to the custom seats. After a couple of hours, the cars were reluctantly packed back onto the transporters, to be taken the short distance to the paint shop for the finishing touches to be made. Fuller was asked what the car was going to look like, but would not be drawn, stating,

"The official launch of the car will be in early January. I cannot say too much about our paint scheme, but it will be noticed. We are also in final talks with some exciting sponsors for 2011".

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