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Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours. 25 February 2020
October 24, 2011
Published on tags: General
The GPVWC is delighted to announce the launch of a special event to commemorate the 2011 Season. A new event, held in partnership with Grand Prix Online (GPO) will be held on November 30th and December 7th and has been baptised the Race of Champions as it will feature the best talent in both leagues competing for the coveted title of Champion of Champions.

The invitational competition will include 32 drivers - 16 from the GPVWC and 16 from the GPO - organised in pairs. GPVWC will submit the top 8 drivers in the Superleague and the top 8 drivers in the Supercup, and the same will apply to GPO with their World Championship and Sprint Trophy series. To promote co-operation between the two organisations, the pairings will be formed by one driver for each of the leagues; in addition, to guarantee a fair and balanced competition, the pairs will be organised in inverted ranking orders, as follows:

1st Superleague / 8th Sprint Trophy
2nd Superleague / 7th Sprint Trophy
3rd Superleague / 6th Sprint Trophy
7th Supercup / 2nd World Championship
8th Supercup / 1st World Championship

The teams will be organised in a knock-out format, with the qualifiers taking place on November 30th and the final rounds on December 7th. All the competition will be broadcast live.

Click the diagram for a bigger version

The drivers that will be invited to take part in this event will be as follows. In case of a driver being eligible for both series, the highest placement will be considered; likewise, any driver declining the invitation will be replaced by the next eligible driver.

Joe Consiglio - 1st Superleague
Bart de Vos - 1st Supercup

Lee Morris - 2nd Superleague
Pavel Loknovski - 2nd Supercup (6th Superleague)

David Jundt - 3rd Superleague (4th Supercup)
Lewis Redshaw - 3rd Supercup

Dave Carr-Smith - 4th Superleague
Gregg Lawson - 6th Supercup

Jason Muscat - 5th Superleague (5th Supercup)
Tom Parker - 7th Supercup

Ojay Clark - 7th Superleague
Georgios Davakos - 8th Supercup

Mark Wicks - 8th Superleague
Ryan Walker - 9th Supercup

Nick Rowland - 9th Superleague
Liam Hatchell - 10th Supercup

The teams will also include last-minute reserves ready to step in should one of the drivers pull out at the last minute. The suggested reserves are:

Sam Millar (12th Superleague)
Mark Stanton (13th Superleague)
Chris Williamson (11th Supercup)
Ben Warren (12th Supercup)

More information regarding the races' format, the vehicles used and other features of the event will be released soon.

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