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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 24, 2012
Published on tags: Superleague
Today, Constant Racing announced the arrival of three key personnel for 2012, whose leadership will help the team soar back to the levels of success enjoyed in previous seasons.

Heading up general car development this season will be Chief DesignerPhilipp Konigfrom Germany. Konig?s exact areas of expertise are a closely guarded secret but it?s safe to say the new designer will be using all his experience to maximise this year?s package.

Lorenzo Lombardihas been brought in as Chief Mechanic for 2012. The 60 year old Italian is known for his no nonsense approach and minimising operational mistakes during pitstops. He appears to be a good fit for the team as ?consistency? is very much the ethos at Constant Racing.

New Commerical ManagerEwan Hollandis already hard at work securing sponsorship deals for this year?s Superleague campaign. A notoriously tough negotiator, Holland was highly sought after in last week?s bidding war and the team is pleased to have him onboard. The Englishman is expected to bring Constant a great deal of sponsorship revenue over the course of 2012.

Chief Designer

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