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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
May 15, 2012
Published on tags: General
In an informal discussion with a friend recently, British driver Liam Hatchell was reported to have said that he is "not sure about next year [2013] and what to race".

Hatchell recently featured in GPVWC headlines for stepping down from the top-flight competition of the league, following a short spat with the team that brought him into the series originally in 2009 - Synergetic Motorsports. However many factors regarding his competitiveness and race craft had given him some doubt as to whether he was ready for the highest level of motorsport after his quiet 2011. An anonymous source caught some audio footage of Hatchell talking about his recent years in the GPVWC.

"All that stuff with Draig, being out for a year and not racing anywhere else, it's kinda knocked me down a bit and I don't really feel at my best to be honest", he claimed.

"I was a 'best of the rest' kinda guy in the Superleague for most of 2010, and I was one of the main protagonists in the Supercup of the same year. Then 2011 came and being partnered with Lee Morris I think put a lot of pressure on me to perform. Not only that but I wasn't happy with how the team ran."

He continued with Synergetic's 2012 campaign, stating that "they [the management] made some financial errors at the start of the season, which I don't mind, but when it affects the drivers and when they can run, it gets a bit silly".

"No driver should feel compromised because of that, and I know they wouldn't have done it on purpose but there's not been a great deal ofpermanence in the team over the last couple of years. I need a team that's got the ability to nurture me into a zone, and in 2010 I found that. This year and last year, I've not".

"I'm with Woods now, in the Endurance series. I've only been with them a bit but I like how they run. Lots of information circulating, plenty of space to develop yourself. But I don't think I'll be running a team in any competition next year, I have too much driving stuff to be concentrating on. I might not race in the Superleague next year, I might go for one of the lower series', I don't know".

It is safe to say that Hatchell was not aware of the person recording the discussion, however it gives quite an in-depth evaluation of his feelings in the current climate.

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