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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
June 16, 2012
Published on tags: Superleague
Despite the fact that since Monaco Draig Racing have shown no challenge to the still dominant Midnight cars, Lee Morris still firmly believes that this Championship is his for the taking.

Despite struggling the last two races to get onto the podium while main Championship rivals wrapped up a one-two result in both races, Morris still has cause for optimism;

"We have struggled to get the best out of the car the last few races, in the early pasrt of the season we got as much as we could out of our underdeveloped car but since we started putting the upgrades onto the car we really have struggled to adapt to the changes in setting up the car."

"We have a significant upgrade on the 26th of this month which is aimed at improving the front end on our car as this is what I have really struggled with these last few races. The car is definitely quicker now than it was, we can now at least challenge the Midnights but not consistently. It's strange how we have been further down the field with more upgrades but I don't think that's down to the driver's performance; I think it is just a matter of us understanding the car."

"We are now 17 points behind the Championship leader, after round 1 we did not believe this was possible and there are still 10 races left, we know we can pull this gap back. The upgrades which are coming in 10 days will hopefully sort out the issues we are having with the car, we have to sacrafice too much at the moment to find the consistency with the tyres but with this upgrade I hope this will be solved."

Keith Storrie, the team's second driver, has also struggled as of late with the car's balance and is also hoping that the upgrades solve the issues the team is having. Test driver Scott Woodwiss found the car "a handful" last time out in Korea and will also welcome the new upgrades.

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