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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
September 05, 2012
Published on tags: Superleague
No winners, no losers, but all points scorers. Part 2 of “Who’s going where?” looks at the drivers positioned 13th to 28th in the standings (prior to the German Grand Prix). Some of GPVWC’s familiar faces are having a tough year in 2012. But there are also a few upcoming talents starting to shine. Let’s take a look...

Tom Parker - 24 points

Known by his colleagues as the ‘apex missing, lawn mower, shortcut expert’, the cheeky Mr Parker has cleaned up his style in 2012. When Tom sees the chequered flag he makes sure he brings a bag of points home with him. Season highlight an astonishing 5th on the grid in Spain that took many by surprise. Raw pace is there, just a few too many mistakes. Comfortable at Woods, unlikely to see him moving next season.

2013 prediction: Woods (TBC)

Jarl Teien - 12 points

The headlines read “Teien, the Jarl of Nordsjoen” as the Norwegian was drafted in from Formula Challenge to replace the retiring Joe Consiglio. Many expected Jarl to be Nordsjoen’s saviour in 2012, but it wasn’t to be. It started well enough with Jarl taking 5th in his first 2 races, but amatuer errors and unexplained absences forced the team to show Jarl the door. Unlikely to see Jarl back in 2013. Too risky a signing for most managers in 2013.

2013 prediction: NIL

Lewis Redshaw - 12 points

It’s been a topsy-turvy season for Lewis. Carried the team for the first half of the season with teammate Bart De Vos suffering from technical issues, but now struggling to keep with the pace of Bart’s replacement Jamez Shepherd. Hawkeye are rumoured to be targeting championships in 2013, and Lewis’ position could be in danger if the team are on the lookout for another high profile driver.

2013 prediction: Hawkeye, Green Stripes, Draig

Mark Stanton - 6 points

Accompanied by his brother, David, the Constant Racing brothers have been inseparable on the track in 2012. Slightly outperforming his teammate with only one more points finish, but realistically very hard to see Mark leaving his team in 2013.

2013 prediction: Constant (TBC)

Bart De Vos - 6 points

The 2011 Supercup champion has had a very tough year. Plagued with computer problems for the first half of the season, Bart was dropped from Hawkeye but now resides in the Nordsjoen camp. Scored a season best 7th on debut for his new team at his home GP in Belgium, Bart looks to now have most of his seasons troubles behind him. If he can finish the season well it’s likely Nordsjoen could keep him around for 2013.

2013 prediction: Nordsjoen, Green Stripes

Alex Cooper - 5 points

Only one race to Alex’s name so far in 2012, qualifying 3rd on debut in Zandvoort. A major title contender for the Supercup drivers championship, Cooper has scored 5 wins in a row, and has been Midnight’s golden child putting down the hard testing miles and consistently racking up maximum R&D points in every practice session this season. Already confirmed to remain with Midnight in 2013, Alex’s future in the Superleague rests with Nick Rowland who is yet to decide his 2013 position within the series. Without a doubt a future world champion.

2013 prediction: Midnight (Confirmed)

Christoph Lichtenstein - 4 points

Christoph’s greatest achievement in 2012 could be seen as signing Dave Carr-Smith, but the German driver who so often finds himself watching from the pit wall drove a brilliant race at Monza to score his first points of the season with a 7th place. The team has proven the car is capable with 2 wins to it’s name already, perhaps with a little more consistency and practice Christoph could find himself in the points again this season.

2013 prediction: Green Stripes (TBC)

Kieran Ryan - 4 points

Disqualified from the Monaco Grand Prix. Possibly the statement that could end Kieran’s Superleague career. A string of woeful finishes and retirements, the Irishman finally scored his firsts points of the season at the chaotic Italian Grand Prix coming home in 8th. Wood’s clearly frustrated with their lack of decent results in 2012 the outfit could be showing Mr Ryan the door.

2013 prediction: Supercup

Dale Carrick - 3 points

Only 2 races to Dale’s name in 2012, retired from the Hungarian GP and brought home 8th place in Spa when called upon to salvage a troubled Draig Racing team. A reasonably quick driver, but unlikely to stick around for long.

2013 prediction: NIL

Tom Eley - 3 points

8th in Australia, retired his following 2 races. Tom can be quick when he sets his mind to it... when his mind doesn’t wander to other leagues.

2013 prediction: NIL

David Stanton - 3 points

Overshadowed by his teammate, Mark, in 2012... but only because the 2 have been completely inseparable all season, one of them is always in the others shadow. Boasting one of the best cars on the grid, David will be hoping to finish the season with a few more points finishes to put Constant in a good position for 2013. Almost certain to remain alongside his brother next season.

2013 prediction: Constant (TBC)

Keith Storrie - 2 points

Brought in to replace Ryan Walker in the second round, Keith immediately confirmed his arrival with a 9th place finish. Yet to finish in the points again this season, and struggling with a difficult car, Keith may be looking for a drive elsewhere in 2013.

2013 prediction: Unknown

Ryan Walker - 1 point

Frustrated working alongside Lee Morris, Ryan left Draig early in the season. He showed up again later as a reserve driver for Constant, and is now rumoured to be on the lookout for a race seat in 2013... but for how long before his focus switches again, and again, and again and again?

2013 prediction: A: Superleague, B: Supercup, C: Formula Challenge, D: All of the above?

Ben Warren - 1 point

‘Warro’ started his 2013 season as a reserve driver for Nordsjoen, then switched to Nijo at the Korean GP for a full time race seat. Now one of the slowest teams on the grid, Ben’s talents behind the wheel are lost amongst the riff-raff. Unable to get as much from his car as his teammate Ruud, but consistently putting in the hard yards has kept his manager happy. Likely to resign with Nijo in 2013.

2013 prediction: Nijo, Woods

Geoff Meade - 1 point

Scored his first and only point in Monaco after a sea of penalties washed half the field a little further down the order. Drove an impressive first half of the Spanish GP before a few silly errors threw away any chance of a points finish. Unknown whether his interests lie with Superleague in 2013.

2013 prediction: Unknown

Mark Wicks - 1 point

After a difficult start to 2012, Mark was cheered home by the commentary team in Zandvoort to secure his first point of the season. Not a sour face in the house to see one of GPVWC’s nicest guys finally get his break. Certain to remain with Kernow next season.

2013 prediction: Kernow (TBC)

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