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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
September 14, 2012
Published on tags: Superleague
Current Green Stripes Racing driver Dave Carr-Smith has quashed rumours of a switch to the Hawkeye Racing squad for the 2013 season stating simply that ?the timing isn?t right?.

Carr-Smith, who is known to be in talks with the majority of the paddock was confirmed to be in discussion with the Hawkeye squad when the team yesterday issued a statement acknowledging that they were exploring the potential of a Carr-Smith/Shepherd pairing for the 2013 season, a move that would put them in strong stead for a potential championship challenge.

Carr-Smith issued the following statement:

?Whilst I can confirm that discussions were held with the Hawkeye team, I can also confirm that there will be nothing more to it, there will be no further progression in our negotiations with the team.

This is most certainly not a reflection on the team itself, having worked alongside both Ric and Jamez before it is fair to say that we have a good working relationship.

It is purely a matter of timing; Hawkeye is still a team that is building for the future. They have had a solid year, more so lately, and I am sure that they will continue to progress up the field as they continue to gather experience, however, I am not looking for a project in 2013. Having spent the past two seasons helping to ?build? teams from the ground up with Midnight Motorsport and Green Stripes Racing I am hoping to secure an opportunity with a proven team for 2013, a team that has shown that they have the capacity, knowledge and resources to run at the front.

Fortunately I have been approached by a number of such teams and whilst I truly appreciate the interest shown by Hawkeye Racing, the timing just isn?t right. Of course, who knows for the future, maybe we?ll revisit these discussions one day.?

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