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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
December 23, 2012
Published on tags: General
The GPVWC Administration released
preliminary details of the 2013 features of the independent support series, the
World Sports Series and the newly-branded World GT.

2012 saw the introduction of two new series to the GPVWC: with the
World Sports Series and Winter GT series, the Administration introduced a new
style of racing to the league, with high-powered sports car
being introduced to the league?s offerings for the first time. Both were
greatly received by the community, with the World Sports Series playing host to
fifty-two unique drivers and twenty-three teams and the Winter GT series, held
in these past few weeks, entertaining fifty-one unique drivers and twenty-four
teams despite the series somewhat limited schedule and arguably hasty

It goes without saying that with such levels of commitment from the
drivers and teams of GPVWC, and the general level of enjoyment that seemed to
be associated with these two series, both deserved a much more prominent
position within the league?s portfolio for the upcoming 2013 schedule.

With the World Sports Series, the GPVWC want to expand upon what was
utilized in 2012 to create something that few, if any leagues, can claim. In
2013, the World Sports Series will be run as a Porsche Supercup-style series
which, with the adaptations made to Formula Challenge and Supercup, will see
the GPVWC offer a unique experience with series closely representing the F1,
GP2, GP3 and now Porsche Supercup competitions.

These changes mean the World Sports Series will be run over a
calendar consisting of twenty races at ten venues, supporting the European rounds
of the ?Career Ladder? the week following the Superleague, Supercup and Formula
Challenge events. The calendar will therefore consist of a season-opening event
at the A1-Ring on April 3rd, followed by races in Hungary, Spain,
Monte Carlo, Istanbul, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium and France, with the
series once again coming to a close in Germany on September 4th.

The World Sports Series will obviously remain an Independent Series,
allowing all Superleague, Supercup and Formula Challenge drivers and teams to
compete should they choose to do so, with the events being held on the ?week
off? following their regular competition in the respective Career Series

In regards to the Winter GT, it is no secret that the series was
implemented in order to ascertain the viability of the format being featured
more prominently amongst the GPVWC roster in 2013. With the success and general
enjoyment that the Winter GT series brought to our members, the GPVWC
Administration felt it made perfect sense to create a full series from the
format experienced in these past few weeks.

In 2013, the WGT will remain, albeit under the World GT moniker. The
series will consist of nine events over the course of the year, with one race a
month (or every four weeks). The series will begin on March 7th with
an event at the historic Monza circuit, followed by races at Silverstone, Spa,
Nurburgring, A1-Ring, Bathurst, Brno, Imola leading to a season ending event at
Watkins Glen on October 17th.

The general format of the event and cars used throughout competition
will likely remain much the same as experienced throughout the 2012 Winter GT
series; albeit with the small fixes and adjustments required to ensure fair,
uncomplicated competition for all involved with all the kinks experienced in
the Winter GT series eliminated. Rest assured, however, that the quirks of the
cars will remain, each vehicle having its perks and pitfalls which make the
series such an interesting one to compete in; once again, as with the World
Sports Series, the World GT will remain an Independent Series, allowing all
drivers and teams to compete should they be so inclined.

With the Masters Series making a return late in the year as is
customary, we are in for a great year of racing here at GPVWC. With six series
running throughout the year, not taking into account any special events that
may yet be organized, the GPVWC Administration are confident that GPVWC will be
in a position to truly offer a racing experience for everyone, regardless of
what your preferred style of racing might be.

Further details regarding the World Sports Series and World GT will
be announced in due time.

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