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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
January 05, 2013
Published on tags: Superleague
After the first round of bidding procedures end, Red Archer decided to set the official start of the season, a season full of promises for the GPVWC community, expected with excitement for more than two months.

"It was time to shoot down the rumours" said team manager while he was announcing the race drivers who will hopefully lead the red cars to points, again, in 2013. "The decision to put behind the wheel the same drivers as in 2011 when team won the title has nothing to do with team expectations for 2013" declared the team representative and continued, "the level of competition is so much higher this year and with two experienced drivers racing our cars the team can certainly set the level of expectations in the top five teams of the league".

Team cycles from Rethymno mentioned that Jason and David with the aid of Jordan can do really good results but the big doubt for the Greek team would be the financial situation and if it would allow a full Research and Development growth.

The signing of the German Chief Mechanic came as a painkiller of the pre-season troubles since the pit stop time delay seems to be eliminated this season. According to rumours, the failure to sign a Chief Designer and a Commercial Manager troubled the red team cause the financial strategy included high bids for team personnel despite the lack of funds.

Finally we have been informed that Red Archer launched the new redesigned website where there are detailed articles on The 2013 lineup, The new Chief Mechanic and The new 2013 GPVWC rules, all welcome to visit and comment.

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