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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
January 14, 2013
Published on tags: General
The updated contract system, reflecting the new rules in drivers' availability for the 2013 season, has been opened tonight following the closing of the engine bids.
Teams will now be able to offer contracts to drivers in the Drivers' Market: the available options will be Primary and Reserve drivers, with the latter priced at 25% of the full driver wage. Teams with three drivers will be able to offer drivers an emergency contracts.

Managers will also need to decide the length of all contracts, with the option to offer any length between one and 12 months. Wages are pro-rata, and all contracts end at the end of the specified month.

As with 2012, teams will be allowed to put drivers on sale should they need to free one of their slot or make a profit.

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