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Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. 05 August 2020
January 24, 2013
Published on tags: Superleague
Halcyon Racing report on their participation in the first pre-season test in Valencia.

The day marked another important milestone for the team as they took their first laps as a Superleague team. The team waited until late in the session to appear on track, with all three hitting the circuit shortly after 7pm GMT and completing their required 40 laps needed for research and development points. Despite the dark clouds that began to roll in over the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, the trio completed their programmes without major incident.

Adam Rouse: "The test went well, it's nice to be back behind the wheel of a Superleague car again and I'm pleased with the progress we made as a team. The general aim of this test was to get to grips with the feel of the new chassis and understand a bit more about how the tyres worked. Mainly we just concentrated on getting some laps under our belt because both Phillie and myself took some time off from racing after the end of last season and Georgios is still settling into our team."

"I'm happy with how consistent the times were, especially given we ran pretty much a standard spec setup and that's something we can work on between this test and the next one. All in all though a great start to Halcyon Racing's inaugural Superleague campaign."

Philip Cullen: "Things went as well as we could have expected. It is probably the first time since the Supercup finale in Singapore that I've settled in for a decent run in a race car and definitely at times I felt out of practice. It was important to get this initial test out of the way without incident for the team. Everything works and pressing buttons randomly on the steering wheel didn't result in blowing the engine up. I call that a success!"

"The hard work starts now. We are under no impression the amount of work ahead of us. There is still a lot to learn about this car but if we can keep this car in the hunt with the established teams come the start of the season, no reason why we can't be in or around the points come Melbourne. Absolutely vital we get a solid foundation built now in these next four weeks to achieve that."

Georgios Davakos: "Today's testing season went pretty good despite having some trouble finding my consistency by the end of the season. The focus was to get used to the HR1, get a feeling for how the new tires work and set enough laps around the Valencia circuit to feel comfortable with the car."

"I personally feel like this was a pretty good start for Halcyon Racing, hopefully the data we have managed to gather will help us learn more about the car and master it before the start of the Melbourne GP."

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