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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
February 16, 2013


Vod:Bul Racing launched their 2013 Formula Challenge car before the test event held in Jerez last week.

Driver Dan Rusu and reserve driver Doug Hilliard showed off the car on track before taking part in the official test. The actual test event was a wash out but the early morning running remained dry for the Vod:Bul Racing team.

After the test event the Vod:Bul Racing team had set up a party and it was well underway by the time I arrived, on first glance it seemed the Vod:Bul Racing of old, lots of drink flowing and Michael Pitman networking.

But maybe the time away has sobered the team up, the only people drinking were the crew and corporate types. The team seemed mild in comparison, maybe it is Juha Taskanen's influence or just age but the Vod:Bul guys seem to be serious about this season.

Michael and Juha were a hard pair to get a word with, after all it was their party. I went off to find Doug Hilliard who had done all the running in the test event and designed the car. I found him having a drink with a familiar Vod:Bul name, Gary Kemp (a driver rumored to be driving the 35 car alongside Ruso) Doug had this to say:

"The running was hard out there in this weather but it was great to be back in the car again with Vod:Bul Racing. I'm very proud to drive the car I designed too it was a pleasure to be the one to show it off"

At that point Ric Scott came over and took Doug & Gary's attention elsewhere.

Finishing my drink I head over to find Pitman and see if he would confirm the Kemp rumours; passing many familiar faces I see Dave Carr-Smith and Adam Rouse in a corner chatting away to a third man who has his back to me. I make a beeline for them but just before I can see who the third man is, Pitman comes between us and introduces himself to me. Pitman reiterated that he was proud to have Vod:Bul back and loved the livery that Doug has created but wouldn't confirm anything about the 2nd driver.

I turn back to find Carr-Smith, Rouse and the mystery man disappear into the VIP area. A glance at my watch shows 11pm and I decide to just enjoy the party and grab a second and third drink.

We may not know the complete driver line up yet but we do know the car looks sleek and they know how to party.

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