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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
February 26, 2013
Published on tags: Formula Challenge


Former Superleague driver Jarl Teien will feature in a one-off appearance for Squire Motorsport in the Australian Grand Prix.

At 2pm it was confirmed today that former Hene Driver Jarl Teien is to drive for Squire Motorsports this temporary Placement for Australia as a Permanent Position for the Second Driver spot is Unknown at the moment, the team manager 'and Driver,' Ron Squire said this

'I feel actually grateful that we are able to get a driver onboard to our team even if its temporary because we are having a tough time finding drivers to either our standards or good attitude on themselves, but still it is great to have Jarl on Board and wish him the best of what is to come'

However it has been rumoured once again if manages to get the funds in by malaysia it would be certain that fellow Welshman Matt Richards would be able to drive for the team but it hasn.t been confirmed yet.

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