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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
March 29, 2013


European Williamson Dynamics boss, Ben Williamson has spoken to press in paddock yet again today, providing a strong vote of confidence in the future of sim racing competition.

Responding to a question about recent discussion surrounding his team's future in GPVWC, Williamson was careful to be clear in his views;

"I've said it many times and I'll say it again now. The GPVWC administration is running the only series out there that is delivering the whole package and doing it well." stated Williamson.

"They've been the first to really look at the show they put on. We've always had a philosophy in our team that we are 'more than just the livery'. So many series treat teams as a name above the door rather than a brand in and of itself. Drivers should rule the roost of course, but balance is required. We've experienced ourselves that when all things are equal drivers pick teams based on current staff and previous success and it leaves you with dynasties, teams that wipe the board and its dull to follow. Teams need to be as recognizable as their drivers, they need to have an impact on the competition. You can't have a teams only commodities as a logo, it's drivers and their set ups. It leaves you with a procession. You need a healthy and active driver market."

When asked on what specifically the administration had got right, Ben was happy to clarify;

"First of all, they're attracting the right teams. As long as I've been running a Sim Racing team, Torrent Motorsports have been the team to aspire to. They develop their talent, they brand well and the race professionally. Tying into that, by allowing teams to develop their cars and handle their finances, it stopped that same team from being dominant right out if the gate. In the next two seasons, I'll thing they'll be the ones to take the fight to Nordsjoen and the viewer will be the winner. That's how you get sponsors, fans and success. Just look at Starcraft 2."

"Quality over quantity in the Superleague is vital. That's why it's also great to hear Draig may be back in the scene. For me, they're the Williams of GPVWC and the show isn't the same without them. Mike Phillis is an excellent team principal and I hope to see him back in the paddock."

Speaking about what would best incentivize his own teams return to open wheel racing he added,

"That's more an internal issue than anything that can be induced from the outside. We have a major rebuild to do. We know we have the resources, the engineering know how. We have a fantastic asset in the Technical Centre in Lancaster and the design bureau in Berlin but we have to build a team to go racing. If we could find customers, I see nothing but advantages in supplying engines. We'd do a great job in taking data from customer teams and using that develop the power plant without the overheads of racing ourselves. That's a win-win for me. Developing your own engine and powertrain is a vanity project teams can ill afford. It's unlikely you can maintain the success you needed to get yourself into that position by going backwards while you develop and inferior engine."

Rumours persist that the British squad are in final negotiations with Alpina on an undisclosed project although many expect an announcement in the coming weeks.

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