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Silverstone Circuit. 19 June 2018
November 20, 2013
Published on tags: Wauters Automotive


2013 debutant Wauters Automotive have quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most innovative teams on the grid - and their foray into the world of Bitcoins helped reinforce this perception.

Four Hundred And Seven. That is the exact amount of points Wauters Automotive acquired in it's first season of simracing so far.
Spread over three championships (FC, WGT & the Masters), these points mean a lot to the rookie team, and the performances we've shown to get them will never be forgotten.

It was nearly half a year ago that team boss Andreas Wauters decided to do something new and fresh and told his drivers he would be giving them a small 'thumbs-up!' bonus in a digital cryptocurrency called BITCOIN for every point they put on the table.

The idea was new and somewhat strange and awkward at first, but it fitted perfectly within the vision of the team and enthusiasm about it from the drivers ramped up quickly.

It was quite important that the bonus was kept small, both for the sake of the teams wallet and to keep the mood within the team light and playful.
A balanced amount was chosen for the different series, depending on the amount of races per event, in order to keep the expected expenses per night roughly equal.

We are proud to say that this little gimmick became a huge success! The idea to earn something on the side while enjoying their hobby was warmly welcomed by the drivers.

Morale was high, motivation was even higher, and the will to end up high every race (which was always there to begin with) flourished.

At the end of the season and with 407 points on our name, a total amount of 0,1659 BTC was earned by all the drivers combined for their efforts.

According to the original calculations, which were made when the value of bitcoins was €40 each, this would cost the team a total of 6 euro and 63,6 cents, which is a reasonable sum to give your drivers some extra motivation for an entire season.

A lot can happen in half a year though, and it kinda did! During the second half of the season, the value of bitcoins increased tenfold to a stunning €400 each, which leaves our drivers with a substantial value to have fun with during the season break! And the best part is, it only costed the team €6.636! A bit more than a supercup license.

What started out as just a small extra, ended up a big joy for everyone involved, and we are sure some fun will be had with those bitcoins on the GPVWC meet! :)

See you guys on the grid next season!

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