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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
December 07, 2013
Published on tags: Master Series


A massive overhaul of the popular series aims to turn it into the GPVWC's Crown Jewel - and a test designed to unveil the real Master driver.

The GPVWC Administration announced plans for a massive overhaul of the successful GPVWC Masters Series as it enters its sixth edition.

The new features were officially unveiled at the GPVWC Day in Amsterdam to a very positive response: with the new plans in place, the quest for the real Master of GPVWC is officially on, as the series is elevated to become the Crown Jewel of our community.

The new Masters Series will see a combination of different cars and events to test the skills of drivers in a wide range of situations. A five-event calendar was unveiled, including events with charm and history. Each of these events will be a standalone occasion, with an individual winner; all points accrued, however, will count towards final rankings to elect the "GPVWC Master" for the 2014 season.

The event calendar will comprise:

- Daytona 500 / NASCAR
- Indy 500 / IndyCar
- Le Mans 24hr / Prototype 
- Nordschleife 24hr / Touring Car Legends
- Bathurst 1000km / V8 Supercars

These events will not be run in their full distances; they will be, however, a test of endurance for all drivers, who will need to demonstrate their versatility across various motorsport disciplines to claim the final crown.

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