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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 07, 2013


GPVWC unveiled the new Sean Edwards Memorial Award, to go to outstanding individuals who have contributed to the community spirit with their positive attitude and work.

While 2013 has been an exciting season for motor racing, it has also been a very sad season for the sport
: no tragedy, in particular, touched the world of GPVWC more closely than the untimely accident that brought away Sean Edwards.

Sean, an accomplished sportscar driver and passionate simracer, had never took part in GPVWC events, but as a former GPO member and close friend of many within our community, he was close to our hearts. His passing away was a big blow for everyone who had got to know such a nice, intelligent and passionate guy - a racer and a gentleman, who upheld his values in everything he did.

Sean's example was one of a dedicated friend and team member, and the GPVWC has decided to honour his memory by establishing a special award, the Sean Edwards Memorial Award, to be assigned to a member of the GPVWC community who has distinguished himself for his positive and continued contribution to the league.

The first two recipients of this award were unveiled as part of the celebrations for the 2013 GPVWC Day in Amsterdam. The award goes to two members who have contributed countless hours of their time, plenty of energies and passion to ensure the success of our community - often with little or no recognition - always doing so while promoting the good spirit of our group.

The unsung heroes who allow the hundreds of members of our community to take enjoyment from their participation in the GPVWC, and the first recipients of the Sean Edwards Memorial Award, are:


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