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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
January 12, 2015


Proposal from league discussion debates becomes a reality
Today the GPVWC Administration is rolling out a new system for the Career Ladder series. Instead of each series following Formula One-style numbering system, we will now have an all encompassing system for all teams on the ladder.

Starting with the top tier, the Superleague, each team will be asked to submit numbers to which will be permanently placed with the team while they compete within the Career Ladder structure. Teams will now carry numbers as they seek to rise from the humble origins at the bottom of the Formula Challenge to seeking glory in the Superleague.

GPVWC Management member, Philip Cullen, spoke candidly about the system after it was launched on the forum today. "It's different. Some might even call it a risk. Sure any new system is. Through the league discussions forums, it was one of the ideas that resonated with us."

"I think all drivers would love to carry their own numbers but it's just impractical with trying to keep skins up to date on a weekly basis that drivers can be in and out of cars in a sim-racing environment."

"The next best thing was to let the teams choose their numbers that they want to carry with them. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out."

It was considered to give each series free choice between numbers #2-99 for each series, but was ultimately deemed awkward as promotion and relegation of teams could potentially lead to teams having the same number.

"Kind of dilutes the idea of having a permanent number for your team if you have to change it a year later, doesn't it?!" quipped Cullen.

The order of preference will be done via the standings from the previous year. Team managers are asked to read up on the forums for all the relevant information.

Superleague teams have been asked to submit their choice of numbers over the next 48 hours before the league seeks number submissions from the Supercup and then Formula Challenge. Team managers are advised to watch the forums closely for updates over the coming week.

The Independent Series are not involved in the numerical arrangement and at this moment there are no concrete plans to cover these series.

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