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Silverstone Circuit. 19 June 2018
January 13, 2015
Published on tags: Vod:Bul Mike Pitman Valiant


The Superleague outfit will start producing power units for the 2015 season onwards.
The GPVWC Administration announced the deal that will see the team managed by Mike Pitman join the selected ranks of Superleague engine manufacturers. The new venture, named "Valiant", will be expected to supply up to three teams in its first season.

"We are an ambitious team and would be most excited to be given this chance to work closely with our customers" said the veteran team principal when explaining his vision for the brand.

Valiant will fill the slot left vacant by Krevder, a gap created when manufacturers Kernow Sport announced the end of their engine operations. With just one year in Superleague in the rFactor era, Vod:Bul remains somewhat of a new team, but there are no doubts about their ability to deliver results.

"We understand the way GPVWC works and have proven that in managing our finances and developing the 2014 Superleague car" said Pitman.

"Since our return to GPVWC and our quick rise through from Formula Challenge to the top tier we have a proven record of reliability and ability to work to deadlines."

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