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Circuit Paul Ricard. 02 June 2020
March 05, 2015


The deal also includes furniture of Valiant engines to all teams in the GPVWC's entry-level series.
GPVWC are delighted to welcome VBMotorsport as Official Title Sponsors of the 2015 GPVWC Formula Challenge. VBM will, through their engineering subsidiary Valiant, supply engines to all teams in the championship and be title sponsors of five events. The logos of VBM will also be displayed on trackside advertising in the GPVWC series.

VBMotorsport has a long and proud history within the GPVWC, joining with its Vod:Bul Racing team as early as 2006 and claiming their maiden win in Brazil in 2007, courtesy of Laurent Keersmaekers. Returning to the Superleague in 2014, the racing arm of VBM has had a solid season, while in 2015 the launch of new Valiant engines was met with a valid response.

Will Ponissi, GPVWC Administrator: "It is a pleasure to welcome VBMotorsport as an official partner of the GPVWC. It is very apt that they chose the Formula Challenge: VBM have always championed youth and emerging talent and by promoting our entry-level series, they ensure a new generation of stars can come throught he ranks."

Michael Pitman, VBMotorsport Group Owner: "I'm very happy that we can help support the league that has given us so much over the years, and especially Formula Challenge that can be a great stepping stone to a successful career here at GPVWC. We will endeavour to give drivers chances to show their talent. The top Formula Challenge drivers this year will be offered the chance to showcase their talents in the Vod:Bul Superleague car at the Young Drivers Test at the end of the season. We look forward to seeing an amazing season ahead."

VBMotorsport will be title sponsors of the British, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Belgian and Brazilian Grand Prix.

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