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. 13 February 2019
March 12, 2015


English outfit unveil brand new team for 2015 World Sport Series campaign!

After their success in last year's World Sports Series season, it seems somewhat unsurpising that Cosmo Autosport, now well into their second year of existence, were granted an entry for the 2015 season. Their strong 2014 campaign saw them take 9th in the Teams' standings, and team principal Joshua Anderson was keen to make the team's 2015 plans known at a press conference at the Circuit de Catalunya, Spain:

"2014 was a good year for us, in regards to the World Sports Series. I'm hoping 2015 will be an even better year, a year in which we can really begin to establish ourselves here in GPVWC."

In regards to the World Sports Series, it's all change at Cosmo for 2015 as Cameron Brewster and Rob Mason leave the team to pursue ventures elsewhere. Anderson continued:

"Obviously losing Cam and Rob was a big blow to us, after how well they did last year. However, I think our lineup this year might just be even better. Speaking of which, I'm sure you're eager to hear who we have, so without any further ado... here they are!"

The team principal then revealed the team's lineup, in the form of Matt Richards, driving the #11 car, and in shades of 2014, TSA stalwart Matthew Chirgwin in the #12. While this lineup seems to depart from the team's tradition of bringing new talent into GPVWC series, Anderson was quick to explain his choices:

"Now I know what you're thinking here; both of these guys have quite a bit of experience under their belts. And you're right, they do. That said though, while Matt (Richards) raced in the series last year with Midnight Motorsport, Chuggy, as he's affectionately known, only did two races in last years' season. He did show some great talent in them though, and I can't think of a better mentor for this great talent than Matt who's raced for us in a Porsche series in another league, and won for us no less!"

The team principal then went on to state his team's goals for the 2015 season.

"With such a strong lineup in Matt and... other Matt - I'll just keep referring to him as Chuggy - with these two, I think consistent points is an easy goal. I'd hope for a few podiums, we got one last year in Cam's 2nd place at Spain - the opening round this time - and I honestly feel we can take a few more! Overall we're looking to improve on our 2014 position and break into the top five in the Teams' standings."

And with that, all that remained was for the team's car to be revealed. But it was there that the problem lied, and when asked where the cars were, the team principal replied thus:

"Well, eh... it's at this point that I'd reveal the cars, but... they're kind of... still in the paintshop. They'll be here for the first round though, don't you worry!"

And with that, Anderson made a hasty exit. It seems we will have to wait to see Cosmo's 2015 challengers in the flesh, but if the teaser image they revealed not long ago is anything to go by, it's going to be radically different from their 2014 car.

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