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. 13 February 2019
March 27, 2015


English Formula Challenge outfit lose driver early on.

Some may say that Cosmo Autosport's 2015 Formula Challenge season hasn't gone quite the way the team envisioned thus far. A lack of luck sees the team outside of the top ten in the Teams' standings, having been 9th after Melbourne. Team boss Joshua Anderson remains optimistic about the team's goals this season; but it seems that there is to be somewhat of a changing of the guard at Cosmo.

Following the Spanish round of the series, where the team failed to score a single point through the entire weekend, Anderson was seen hurrying onto a plane, back to the team's headquarters in Simonside, England. A podium had already been set up for him to deliver what was billed as a breaking news story regarding the team's driver situation. A visibly flustered Anderson took to the stage, and spoke to the ever-increasing crowd that were assembling around him...

"Well I guess you're probably wondering why I called you all here... I'll not beat about the bush, I think it's best to get straight to it. I just got a call, and I've been informed that due to several undisclosed factors, one of our drivers, Richard Coxon, is now unable to commit to the full season and has decided to step down from his primary drive in the team with immediate effect."

As expected this drawed an excited and surprised response from the crowd. Anderson was quick in his attempts to supress the hubbub:

"I know, I know. It-excuse me... it is a shame that this has happened, but at the end of the day, it was Richard's decision and I can only support him. As a team manager, my drivers' needs come above all else and after discussing things with Richard himself, we came to the conclusion that this was the best way forward. He's still to stay on with us, as a reserve, but this leaves a vacancy in the team. I've already- oh, hang on..."

A text message on Anderson's phone arrived, cutting the team principal off mid-sentence. Looking at it, the team manager breathed what appeared to be a sigh of relief, before continuing:

" I was saying, I've already begun talks with another driver. That was actually confirmation he's joined us! So without any further ado, I'm pleased to announce Patrick Wannemuller as the new driver of the #53 car."

A murmur in the crowd again; this time not as excited. Anderson continued:

"Patrick actually drove for us in 2014 too, as a one-off replacement driver. He'd done races for Walk Racing that season too, and more recently took a drive at Triple Twenty. He's definitely got points-scoring pace and I'm sure he'll make a great addition to the team, and help us to our goals we set pre-season. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be off. I really need a cuppa..."

And with that, the team boss was away just as quickly as he'd arrived. It was later confirmed that Coxon would, in fact, stay on with the team, albeit in a reserve capacity. So now Cosmo have a new primary driver, what will it mean for the team's so far unlucky season? Only time will tell, when the cars arrive in Portugal for Round 4.

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