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Circuit Paul Ricard. 03 June 2020
December 14, 2015
Published on tags: Wauters Automotive Superleague


With the new Superleague season getting ever closer to getting underway, Wauters Automotive have made major changes to their management team for the 2016 season.

Today, Wauters Automotive announced they made it through the application tender for the 2016 Superleague season , and are now preparing for the new challenge the team faces.

A new remarkable feature of the team is the new management structure that was laid out to increase support for the drivers and achieve an overall better result.

Next to team boss Andreas Wauters, who will remain in the team to set up a general direction and explore new opportunities, a couple of new team members joined the management. The team attracted Alexander van der Woude as a general manager, to overlook the day to day operations in the team, and interact with the community through various channels. Experienced team manager James Kirk also joined the squad as a technical officer to overlook the complete technical aspect of the car, race strategies, setups and the upgrade schedule.

Last but not least, Gergo Baldi joined the team as a driving advisor. Not being able to commit to a full campaign due to his professional racing career, Gergo will help out drivers with confirming their setups on the car whenever he can as well as giving tips and tricks about strategy and driving behavior.

Drivers that are interested in joining the squad for the 2016 season can still do so by contacting either Andreas, Alexander or James via Facebook or the GPVWC forum.

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